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Clerk to the Council: Mrs A Preece, 24 Holmes Orchard, Alveley, Shropshire WV15 6NX

Telephone: 01746 781171 or 07572 108924

E-mail: churchillandblakedownclerk@gmail.com


To Members of Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council 12th July 2017

You are duly summoned to attend the Meeting of Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council to be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 19th July 2017 at Blakedown Sports Pavilion.


1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks.

2. Apologies for absence: To receive apologies and to approve reasons for absence.

3. Declarations of Interest: To receive any declarations of interest.

4. Community Policing: To receive any report from the Beat Officer/CSO.

The meeting will be adjourned for Public Question Time.

Residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this agenda, or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman; brief notes will be appended on the minutes as an aide memoire.

5. Minutes: To consider the approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 21st June 2017 (enclosed).

6. District and County Council Matters: To receive any report from County or District Council representatives.

7. Lengthsman & Environmental Maintenance Reports: 

a) Lengthsman. b) Litter and grass cutting: To review the report (enclosed) dated 08/03/2017 from Cllrs Long and Lorton (agenda item previously deferred) regarding litter bins and dog bag dispensers. Members are asked to consider the issues/options for action in the report and decide on any course of action they wish to take. c) Benches.

8. Highways, Traffic, Car Park and Parking Matters:

a) Highways/traffic/speed enforcement issues: Update on village gateways. b) Vehicle Activated Signs: Any updates. d) Car Park and Parking Matters: Any issues to report.

9. Wyre Forest District Council Public Space Protection Order Consultation: To discuss and formulate a response to the consultation (information enclosed).

10. The Pound: Any updates since last meeting.

11. Planning and Development Control:

a) Planning Applications Received


Single storey orangery extension.

Case Officer Kate Whitfield. Date Valid: 19 June 2017


Fell an Ash (T1) & Birch (T2) Cut back 2 Yews (T4 & T5) and an Ash (T6) from highway. Raise canopy above highway along length of boundary to clear high-sided vehicles. Cut back hedgerow to the tree-line along length of boundary


Erection of a wooden gazebo in the rear garden

Case Officer Richard Jennings. Date Valid: 20 June 2017

b) Planning Decisions Received


c) Wyre Forest District Local Plan Review – Preferred Options Consultation: to review the

recommendations of the Working Party following the meeting on the 5th July 2017.

d) Planning Application 17/0205/OUTL FORMER LEA CASTLE HOSPITAL

To formulate a response in relation to the above application in the neighbouring Parish of Wolverley and Cookley.

12. Parish Website: Update from Cllr Rowlinson.

13. Defibrillator and Kiosk: Any updates

14. SmartWater: To discuss arrangements for assisting Police in the delivery of the SmartWater kits on the 25th July 2017.

15. Financial Report and Payment of Accounts

a) Bank Balances at 5th July 2017

Lloyds Treasurers Account £3,690.27

Unity Trust Treasurers Account £25,597.21

Lloyds Business Instant Access Account £34,463.98

b) To consider payments to be made as listed below:

Clerks Salary £438.25 BACS

HMRC £45.00 BACS

Administration Expenses £228.80 BACS

DLM Direct Line Marketing £366.00 BACS

HCI Data Limited £83.76 BACS

DPS Print (Newsletter) £15.50 BACS

JRB (Dog waste bags) £257.70 BACS

M Jones – Lengthsman/other works – to be advised

16. Street Lighting: Update from Cllr Benney on the street light replacement programme.

17. Clerk’s Report: Clerks report on ongoing items (enclosed).

18. Correspondence for Information: To note correspondence listed on the Correspondence

Report (enclosed). Correspondence will be available for inspection at the meeting.

19. Councillor’s Reports and items for future agendas: Councillors may use this opportunity to

report matters of information not included elsewhere on the agenda and to raise items for future agendas.

20. Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday 20th September 2017 at 7.30 p.m. in the Pavilion, Blakedown Sports Centre, Birmingham Road, Blakedown.


Clerk to Churchill and Blakedown Parish Council

Dates for your Diary:

21st July 2017 – Local Plan Review Drop-in Session – Rowland Hill Centre – 1 – 5.30 p.m.

28th July 2017 – Local Plan Review Drop-in Session – Cookley Village Hall – 2-7 p.m.

4th August 2017 – Local Plan Review Drop-in Session – St Oswald’s Church Centre,

Broadwaters Drive – 2 – 7 p.m.

18th October 2017- 7.30 p.m. – Parish Council Meeting – Blakedown Sports Pavilion

15th November 2017- 7.30 p.m. – Parish Council Meeting – Blakedown Sports Pavilion

13th December 2017 – 7.30 p.m. – Parish Council Meeting – Blakedown Sports Pavilion