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If you are not running in the

Blakedown Bolt 2015

What about helping to set up during the day/early evening anytime from 1pm – 6pm?

Or help during the race from 6 to 9pm?

Friday June 19th

Set up is moving chairs, tables, putting up marquees, arranging the bbq, cloths on tables, sauces out or boiling the kettle and keeping helpers refreshed!

During the race we serve alcoholic drinks or teas’ coffee and soft drinks. On the bbq we cook up burgers, samosas or hotdogs, extra hands always welcome. Also any help for the Bouncy Slide to keep little ones safe and happy.

You will be able to soak up the atmosphere and contribute to this massive community event by lending a little of your time.

If you want to do your own thing to help raise funds then please share; we are always open to new ideas!

We look forward to hearing from you




Thank you!